Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Up to greet an already warm morning as the humidity levels seems to be rising with the sun on these muggy mornings.
I did chores and took a short walk as I have a lot of cake baking to do today and need to get an early start. I had to take time to stop and smell the wonderful aroma of these Mimosa blossoms.
All the cattle and the horse were seeking shade already this morning.
Pretty morning.

 Daughter decided instead of one huge wedding cake she would have 24 regular size layer cakes in 6 different varieties. She is baking half and I am baking half of them .
I am baking my 12 extra cakes for the wedding today along with market things. I am betting market will be slow this week after a holiday so not much baking for market.
I baked 12 caramel, 11 chocolate, 4 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes and then had a late lunch.

I took a short rest break then did a little  house cleaning. This time of year in a normal year house cleaning gets pushed aside with all the canning and freezing of the fresh garden vegies so this year it is doubly bad with all the wedding work plus next week the green beans in the garden will be ready for canning.
I went over to Markeeta's , my friend / beautician so she could shape my eyebrows and we had a nice visit.
Hubbie picked up daughter on his way home and they went to Target to pick up several cases of drinks and some other wedding supplies in his truck.
When I got back home I did the chores and then watched the sky grow eerily dark with the coming storm. Thankfully hubbie made it home just before the storm arrived. It was a really bad storm with high winds that blew over all the outside furniture and blew leaves, small limbs and rain all the way against the windows and door under the front porch.

Several lightening strikes sounded really close but thankfully we didn't lose power and we only got 1/2 inch of rain with just a little pea size hail mixed in. The brunt of the storm looked like it went north and east of us.
I did weekly paperwork and payed bills then gathered my icing supplies while waiting for the second round of storming to slack off. I don't like to be over the stove with lightening too close !
As I gathered supplies I realized I had forgotten to buy dark brown sugar for the caramel icing. Hubbie ran to Ingles while I iced 6 chocolate cakes. When he got back I iced the 12 caramel and then got things packed for market. By that time it was 11:45 so I left the last 6 chocolate cakes for the wedding to be iced tomorrow night.
Whew !!!!  Busy days !!!!
Thanking God tonight for the strength He gives me each day and praying for daughter and Josh as they take this step in their lives ,may God bless them at their wedding and in their life together.
God Bless and Good Night.

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