Sunday, July 10, 2016


No sleeping in this morning as we were up at the crack of dawn once again to get our morning chores done and head back up the mountain to get things all cleaned up.
This is the last time for this view for this occasion .

We had lots of great help in both sons and Aa as well as Sharon.

We worked until almost noon before we had everything back like it was and all cleaned up. I was pleasantly surprised that there was very little trash on the grounds or inside left by all our guest last night.
We got things home just in time to have lunch together with the girls and the kidos after they slept in a bit.
After lunch BB was determined to get into pawpaw's big boots.
G-son was excited about all the sparklers that were left over but found out they weren't very "sparkly" in the daytime !!!
He is still nursing a fat lip from a fall last night while playing outside with all his new cousins.

#2 son left to return all the tuxs to Asheville and hubbie and I worked on getting things unloaded and put away all afternoon.
Around dinner time a storm rolled in and dropped 6/10ths inch of rain in just a few minutes with high wind and some thunder and lightening. We sighed relived sighs that this was today instead of yesterday !!!

Grateful for another blessed day and for the answered prayers for daughter's wedding day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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