Thursday, July 14, 2016


With extra duties this morning before getting off to market I had to hurry to make it on time.  We are taking care of daughter's and Josh's dogs while they honeymoon.I had a couple customers waiting when I arrived as I expected. For some strange reason whenever I miss a day the next week is always slammed with impatient customers ????
Everyone at market wanted to see the pictures I had on my phone of the wedding so my phone got passed around all morning and everyone agreed it was a beautiful wedding.
Business was okay early but with the heating of the day customers found cooler places to shop.
I had to hurry to load after a late customer took a while to decide what he wanted.
I returned Pam's ladder that we had borrowed for the wedding as my first stop after market. Pam came into market on her lunch break today and looked at the pictures I had of the wedding decorations. She helps lots of brides and wanted to get new ideas.
I made stops at he bank , PO , Aldi and Walmart on my way home. Clouds filled the sky and I got sprinkled on as I was leaving Aldi .
I was unloading when hubbie came in from work. After we got things put away we did chores early and took another load of wedding things over to daughters and Josh's house.
We stopped back by sis-in-law Sandys to pick up some things she had from the wedding. I didn't think it took this long to collect all these things !!!
Back home we finished chores and then I canned 7 more quarts of green beans from the ones I had broken yesterday while hubbie broke another bowl tonight.
I saw some little black ants coming from one of my electric receptacles in the kitchen so I took everything off the counter and rubbed it with skin so soft oil until I can get some ant traps tomorrow.
Hubbie took the cover off the receptacle and filled it with boric acid powder to hopefully stop their entrance. Hopefully we caught them early and headed off a major infestation.
Since I have no more pics today I will do another decade year . In July 1956  I turned 2 years old and it looks like I was very happy with all the birthday presents I received.
The honeymooners are still having a great time exploring Punta Cana.

 I am very tired tonight and look forward to a good hot bath and nice soft bed.
Thankful for all the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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