Sunday, July 17, 2016


Got an early wake-up this morning by an out of the fence calf. Hubbie saw the calf grazing on the back lawn when he got up to let the dogs out.
We managed to coral the calf back into the lower pasture without much problem thankfully.
Back inside we had extra time to get Sunday lunch ready before church. We put the corn on to boil then let it sit in the buttered water while we were at church and we put the chicken breast in the pressure pot to cook some and then finish it on the grill when we get home. We will also cook green beans and potatoes when we get home.
We had nursery duty this morning with Aa and Re. We took care of 5 little 2 year old and unders. They were all very good today.
#1 son's family joined us for lunch after staying home with g-daughter who isn't feeling up to par today.
After everyone left hubbie went over to daughter's to mow her lawn before she and Josh get back tonight.
I am still in gardening catch up mode and picked this bowl of blackberries today and put them on baking sheets to freeze .

I also picked green beans again. I picked 1/2 bushel of half runners to can and a few bush beans to make a few more jars of dilly beans. There were also a few more cukes and 3 acorn squash that were already ready.With all the rain lately anything that is touching the ground is likely to have worm damage so I wanted to get things all picked off before more rain moves in tomorrow.

Hubbie made it back home just in time to join me, #2 son and Tif for supper and a nice visit.
After they left I did the evening chores and pulled the chickens some weeds for their green treat of the day.
We have had a really nice day today and the nearby storms are giving the sky a magnificent purple glow this evening.

Continuing with the July decade pics for 1976 are of my 4-legged kids back then . I had an adopted poodle named Jaque.
This Pekingese but cannot remember her name ??
And this was my protector back then a Doberman Pincher named Dixie who had just had her ears clipped so they would stand up.
My kids !!!
I also made a trip to the beach that year but this is the only pic I could find with this date on it. Guess there was "photo-bombing" going on back then also, haha !!!!
I worked at Ball Brothers jar manufacturers back then and a group of us girls made trips to the beach about every month.
Daughter and Josh made it back to the US this evening thankfully . I am prayerfully grateful for traveling mercies for them.
Thankful for the blessings I received today.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I can't believe the "bounty" from your garden. You really have a "green thumb". I have to visit the local Farmer's Market to see anything good like that.. Happy to hear that your daughter and her new husband made it safely home. Blessings