Thursday, July 7, 2016


Emptied another 1/4 inch from the late night rain of yesterday. Hubbie took today off to help tie up the loose ends of the wedding planning today so it was easier getting ready for market today.
We actually made it there 10 minutes early !!
Traffic was light as customers were few and far between but as the day went on I ended up having a pretty good day for the Thursday after the 4th.
Daughter brought her baked goods in and then her and hubbie walked up to a thrift shop on main street to look for table cloths that we are short on.
They came back empty handed talking about how high everything was in this Hospice thrift store that has always been one of my favorite shops.
They left market to run their errands and last minute to do's.
I am sitting here tying this at 1:20 looking at empty aisles and thinking about cutting out a bit early to get all my to do's started a little early !!
I did leave market a few minutes early as I had a couple extra stops to make on my home. I picked up next week's baking supplies at Sav Mor and Aldi and made stops at Walgreens to pic up wedding photos and at TJ Max for a cross strap bra I have to have to wear with a dress I bought for the rehearsal dinner.
Clouds were gathering quickly as I drove home about 4:00. Hubbie helped me get unloaded and we got things put away before the rain started. It was a light rain with no storming thankfully today.
Daughter came over to bring some last minute things for hubbie to paint. Josh and his brother Ben brought a trailer  full of tables borrowed from where Josh works and parked them in the barn.
Daughter , d-in-love and I headed out to our nail appointments.
This is only my second trip to for a pedicure and my very first ever manicure !!!
We were all pleased with our choices of colors and how our nails turned out.

I loved these little flowers my manicurest free handed on each of my nails.

#2 son picked up hubbie and they met #1 son over at Mens warehouse in Asheville to pick up their tux's for the wedding. Hubbie's had to have the legs lenghtened so they were there a while.
We got home just as more rain started to fall, this time harder then earlier. I waited the shower out then did chores a little late.
There was 7/10ths inch in the gauge at bedtime tonight from the rain that has continued to fall all evening.
I iced the last 5 chocolate cakes for the wedding tonight then relaxed. I am very tired and feel like I can sleep for days so I am looking forward to a nice hot bath and long slumber to fuel up for another very busy pre-wedding day.
Grateful for God's grace and the blessings He hides in all the challenges He puts in front of me.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Would you believe I have never had a manicure or a pedicure? I love the little flowers on you nails. Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Blessings