Saturday, July 23, 2016


To market ,to market !!!!  This little song always rumbles in my head on these days as I do chores and get ready to go to the Curb Market.
I had customers waiting this morning and I even got there a few minutes early.  Business was good all day. Josh and daughter had been running up town and brought hubbie and I a fresh doughnut from a new place in town and they were very good. They stayed and helped for a little while then hubbie went with them home to help install a new ceiling fan they got with a Lowe's gift card from their wedding.
I stayed steadily busy all day  and we were all treated to lunch of hotdogs from Hotdog World and birthday cake to celebrate this ladies 92nd birthday today.  Gladys Barnwell has been a devoted market member since the early days of market and still comes when her family can bring her.

With the heat rising this afternoon in market I packed up again a little early to escape to the nice air conditioner of the Honda.
On the way home the thunder clouds looked like they were surely building out our way .
These clouds moved out as quickly as they moved in and we had a nice rainfree afternoon. I made a supply stop at Aldi and then headed home. Hubbie was just getting home after leaving daughter's and stopping at Sam's Club for a few things.
We got unloaded and then he jumped on the lawn mower to get out lawn mowed as planned today and I went up to the garden and gleaned produce. I wanted to pick enough green beans for tomorrow's lunch but got enough for another canner full plus lunch. I also found more cucumbers and squash.
Surprisingly my energy level hasn't plummeted today like it usually does in the heat at market and I decided to clean out my hen houses. The big house always takes the longest but it looks the best when it has nice fresh shavings .
The other two boxes I cleaned around the feed that the chickens have scratched out of the new feeders.
I still have the 6 Araucana pullets that I bought in a box by themselves and debate on putting them out in the Silkie lot but each time I decide to leave them alone for another week to continue to get the chick starter feed. The bigger Silkies get laying crumbles which are lower in protein.
I came inside to cool off and re-hydrate after this sweaty job.
I spent the evening nursing a sore knee and catching up some photo downloads.
Grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and for all of today's blessings.
God Bless and Good Night

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