Monday, July 11, 2016


Monday morning !!!!!   I feel kind of like I used to when I was really young and had had a partying weekend !!!!
After we got the chores done hubbie went to take his truck to the dump to unload all the wedding trash that is already beginning to smell !!
I stayed here and washed a load of table cloths that we borrowed from one of the bridesmaids and then started my regular Monday laundry.
I worked on getting the remainder of the boxes of decorations put away and separated into whos whos piles !!
We made a load over to daughters and a load out to the high school to returned the borrowed things from there.
Hubbie took the cooler that our friend put the meat in after he smoked it out to the car wash and cleaned it really good before taking it back to Anthony's house.
About mid afternoon the sky began to cloud up so I went to the garden and picked my bush beans for dilly bean making. I got about 3/4ths of the row picked before the rain came. I ran inside but still got pretty wet as the huge drops quickly pelted down leaving 8/10ths of an inch in the gauge before that storm moved on.
I waited a couple hours then went back and finished picking the row of beans . I picked almost a bushel of these beans.

Just as we finished doing the chores another storm rolled in and this one was one of the worst lightening storms we have had in a while. With the floor of the house shaking with several close strikes and the entire yard lit up continuously as rain poured down.
Our power was knocked off a couple times but thankfully came back on each time. We know it struck something really close at least once but we will have to wait until morning to check things out in the daylight.
It has rained steadily all night but thankfully the lightening only lasted about 30 minutes.
 God is good all the time and I pray for His blessings on all my family tonight as life's storms continually rage as well as nature's storms.
God Bless and Good Night.

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