Tuesday, July 5, 2016


G-son and g-daughter arrived at 7:45 this morning. After I got them breakfast I headed outside to get the chores done then had my breakfast.
Daughter came by to get us to go with her up to my cousin, Sharon's house to pick out all the things we need from her antique collection to use at the wedding.
Sharon and g-daughter became quick friends.

Sharon's daughter ,Carson was visiting for the week from her home in Tennessee. It was good to see her .

Daughter and I collected what we needed and put it all together so Sharon can box it up and bring it to the wedding site on Friday.
G-son was very good and explored outside in the yard while we were there.
We came home at lunchtime to eat and g-daughter needed a nap.
She didn't sleep long and went back to playing.
Daughter left for an appointment in Asheville and I did the one load of remaining laundry that I didn't get to yesterday.
Daughter came back with more pictures for me to edit and copy for the wedding so that is how I spent the afternoon between getting the kids food and drink.
The sky filled with dark clouds and we heard thunder but the storm skirted our area leaving only 2/10ths in the rain gauge.
G-son went out to clean up the firework cartons out of the yard and found a few unused ones that he had to light today !!

After d-in-love picked up the kids I finished my photo wedding project then went ahead and got out the decade pics for July since I had all the pictures pulled out anyway.
After chores hubbie and I sat outside and had watermelon for our supper tonight. The clouds have dispersed and the cool evening air feels much drier .
#2 son came by to pick up an easel to write directions for the wedding guest on and we had a nice visit.
I am tired tonight and looking forward to a long restful night.
Thanking God for the blessings of this day and praying that He will bless daughter with the wedding of her dreams.
God Bless and Good Night.

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