Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Both grandkids arrived at 7am today to get my day off to an early start.
When I went up to feed the chickens I found a huge pine tree shard that had tore the netting down on the Silkie lot. This shard was definitely from  a lightening struck tree so I looked around a bit and it didn't take long to follow the trail of debree to this tall dead pine tree that obviously had taken that hit we shook from last night.

I emptied another 1" of rain from the gauge this morning.
After chores and all of our breakfast they played in the living room and watched Daniel Tiger while I baked 6 caramel cakes for an order I am delivering tomorrow.
Re came over to pick some beans so she could fill up a canner load with what she had left from yesterday's canning.
The kids all played while she picked.

After they left we all had lunch and then g-daughter took a very short nap of about 20 minutes.
G-son has been in construction mode today and has come up with some interesting things made with his legos and Lincoln logs.

While the kids played this afternoon I got 17 pint jars of dilly beans ready to process. I need some fresh garlic for the jars so hubbie is stopping on his way home to pick that up.
The clouds moved in about mid afternoon and once again I heard thunder getting closer but thankfully today we only got a sprinkle of rain and the storm stayed at bay all evening.
We went outside in the nice cooler air and g-daughter loved to swing.

After d-in-love picked the kids up hubbie and I did chores and then picked the half- runner beans for canning. The vines were loaded this year and we got 2 bushels of beans .
Canning season is officially under way for this year.

After we came inside I finished 2 canner loads of dilly beans tonight.

And then iced the 6 caramel cakes and boxed them up for tomorrows delivery.
I am very tired tonight but have an accomplished feeling after getting all of this done today.
Grateful to God for the strength He gives me each and every day and for all my blessings.
God Bless and Good Night.

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