Saturday, July 30, 2016


An early 7am Saturday wake up call today. We did chores and loaded hubbie's truck with cakes to go set up my friend Georgia who is working for me today at market. It is a nice cooler morning so maybe business will be good today.
Georgia got to market right on time and started selling as soon as we got her all set up. This makes it easier for hubbie and me to travel in the daylight hours rather than me go to market then leave mid afternoon to make the almost 6 hour drive.
We are going to Holden Beach, NC this year. We have stayed here before a couple times and liked it pretty well. I found a nice 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom house in a gated community for all of us to enjoy this year. Aa's family are going as well as #1 son's family, #2 son and Tif, and daughter. Poor Josh can't take anymore time off work so he is staying home this trip.
After we left market hubbie and I came home to pick up Bernie and take him to our vet's office to be boarded for the week. Poor Bernie has such a bad heart we don't think he can make the trip and the vet offered to board him for us. He was pretty sad to see us leave him , but I know he will be well taken care of there.
Back home we topped off all the animal feed and water and finished loading all our things and were just getting ready to get in the car when the at&t repairman called and said he was headed our way. I
had called yesterday and told them to cancel the repair call until August 8 but I guess the message never got delivered.
We waited for him to get here while having an early lunch. He found the problem but couldn't fix it without a bucket truck. The problem is in the same spot we had trouble with a couple years ago.
After he left we got in the car and headed out over an hour and 1/2 later then we could have been !!!
It was almost 1:00 when we pulled out of our drive.
It is a clear day but is really heating up quickly. Traffic was pretty light as we headed down the mountain.

Hubbie drove today as my knees are still bothering me and I didn't want to be cramped behind the wheel without being able to move them for hours.
Dolly was going with us and she loves to ride in my lap anyway so it works better this way.
I got to watch the cloud formations all along the road . All we saw was these white fluffy clouds in a clear blue sky.

We stopped once for gas and once for some iced coffee from McDonalds . This is a sign in Whiteville,NC about an hour from the beach !!!! Whew it is hot !!!

#1 son is already there as they left at 6:30 this morning to drive while the kids slept.
Here they are having lunch on the island while they wait for the house to be cleaned.
G-daughter looks like she is enjoying her first beach trip.

Aa's family left at noon today but went a different way and made several stops with the kids.
We all met at Food Lion to pick up groceries and then brought supper home from Subway. We got here at 6:15 and met #1 son's family who had already been to the house and unloaded their car and shopped for groceries. Just as we finished shopping Aa's family joined us at Subway.
Thankful for safe traveling mercies for us today. Hubbie and I were right behind 2 wrecks and another one was just getting cleaned up when we passed so the day was not good for several folks along our route.
It was a very crowded time in the stores as everyone is arriving at this time on Saturday afternoon.
It is always a rush to go over these bridges onto the islands that are going to be our home for the next week.

We all made our way to the beach house and had our Subway supper before we unloaded the cars.
I was getting shaky I was so hungry , probably from the early lunch and from the caffeine of my iced coffee !!!
Anyway it felt good to get something in my stomach.
The view from the porch outside my bedroom.

We got things unloaded and put away and then walked out on the beach in the darkness. G-son couldn't stay out of the ocean and had a good time in the gentle waves of the receding tide. I hope the ocean waves stay this gentle during the days this week.
Back inside I decided to call it a day as I am very tired from the early wake up and the long ride.
Again I am prayerfully grateful for the safe travel for all of us today and praying for safe traveling mercies for #2 son and the girls tomorrow.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Have a wonderful time at the beach. Hope you don't get too much sun. Blessings